September Promotion + New Fall Candles and Reed Diffusers

September Promotion
So long Vitamin C enzyme peel…

Summer is coming to an end so we’re offering you a promotion on one of our most popular summer treatments…The Vitamin C Glow facial 🍊 (This Vitamin C treatment is seasonal and made in small batches).
We only have enough product for 10-12 treatments so book your appointments now to take advantage of this deal! Book here – promotion ends on 9/15 or when peel runs out.

New Candles + Reed Diffusers
We’re happy to announce we’ve received our gorgeous candle + Reed Diffuser collection from Outdoor fellow – this collection includes end of summer fragrances and early fall scents which are complex & well balanced. Did we mention the packaging from this collection is stunning and green?

New Trilogy products
We’ve added a few more products to our Trilogy skincare collection like a Microbiome, Bakchoil booster serums and more! These beauties will be available next week. We will be announcing a sale event on Instagram  soon. Stay tuned!

Hope to see you all soon!

~Evelyn Gatzonis

Professional Acne Care Treatments + At-home Skincare Tips

Managing oily, combination and/or acne prone skin can be challenging to say the least.

Fun fact (not so fun) about me: I became an Esthetician and specialize in acne prone skin because I myself suffered with acne all through my 20’s – I believe this gives me a very unique perspective on how to treat the vast majority of acne conditions properly as I not only treated an healed my acne condition but also completely eradicated my acne scars. (Which were pretty deep) This was back in the day when technology wasn’t this advanced and skincare products were not as natural. The skincare devices that I now have available in my skincare studio, allows me to give my clients quicker results!

As anybody who has had moderate to severe acne knows that blemishes, cystic postules and congested pores can all lead to scarring if not treated with professional treatments.

Our Acne Rx facial is a comprehensive and holistic facial which helps control breakouts, reduce redness and inflammation all at the same time. For this treatment we use our very effective and quick acting all-natural Salicylic acid peel that helps to kill acne bacteria deep inside the pores, this peel also reduces redness and hyper-pigmentation associated with acne breakouts + prevents future breakouts. Unlike inexpensive and synthetic forms of Salicylic acids, ours causes very little dryness on the surface of the skin BUT it is the most effective at destroying bacteria deep inside the pores. THIS is what makes our treatment so therapeutic! FYI – we also have gentle enzyme peels for those with mild acne conditions.

The extractions process while not the most relaxing part of the service, it is absolutely necessary to eliminate acne bacteria, control infection and to reveal a smoother clearer complexion. Also, did we mention this treatment is customized to your unique skincare needs? What this means is we can customized a specific serum cocktail + mask after extractions. So whether you have dry or oily skin, discoloration with breakouts, have no fear – we’ve got you covered! Our luxury, results-driven serums really do a great job at soothing and calming irritation + hydrating & repairing the skin post extractions. We can also customize your LED light therapy session to either further eliminate acne bacteria or to reduce lines & wrinkles. You have options!

Let’s now discuss acne triggers/cause – acne can be caused by hormonal imbalances, diet, autoimmune conditions, excess oil and in most cases…digestive disorders.

At-home Skincare Tips:

Warm weather can make the condition worse if not cared for properly. We recommend treating your acne prone skin this summer with targeted skincare products formulated to support equilibrium (this is vital) as acne prone skin is also sensitive. We often hear our clients using too many products containing harsh ingredients which can often lead to more redness and inflammation. yup, you read right. Less is more when treating acne with at-home skincare products. Keep your skincare regimen simple.

The key to treating acne prone skin properly is using ingredients that help destroy acne breakouts without irritating or drying the skin. We recommend using a gentle salicylic based cleanser + applying a botanical hydrating mist + hyaluronic serum and SPF oil free moisturizer in the A.M. The more natural the products, the better your skin responds.

In the P.M. after washing your skin, we recommend using an EFA repairing oil like our Oxygen serum or Rosehip Oil to help speed up the healing process and reduce redness & inflammation. We also recommend an acne spot treatment like our gentle botanical Retinolic acid this is a great alternative to regular Retinol treatments as it doesn’t over dry the skin. PRO TIP: Let the water based serum absorb completely before layering the oil on top. Lastly, DO only exfoliate 1-2 times per week with a gentle exfoliant. Over exfoliation can lead to excess oil and more breakouts. 😳

Here are three food groups that can aggravate acne: Gluten, dairy and sugars. These are the food groups to avoid or minimize to get the best results while receiving our professional treatments and beyond. We also recommend getting at least three Acne Rx treatments every four weeks for best results. Getting your acne under control takes time and commitment. We encourage our clients to eat a clean diet and to care for their skin properly. And of course keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of H2O. Please let us know on instagram if you’d like us to share more skincare tips.

Helping my clients achieve clear, healthy and beautiful skin is my passion. I’ve been an Esthetician for over 23 yrs and still love my job!

~Evelyn Gatzonis