First year anniversary shopping event + new autumn treatments & candles…

Good news – our fall treatments are up on our booking site. We have two sensational and perfect-for-the-season skincare treatments. Indulge your senses with intoxicating aromas of cranberry, pomegranate and blueberries this season.

Anti-aging Pomegranate & chocolate sufflé treatment
Detoxifying Cranberry Facial

First year anniversary celebration & shopping event .

Join us on Thursday, October 13th from 4:30 -7:30p.m @ Rejuvenate Face and Body (29-21 21st Avenue)

It is our 1st year anniversary. I know, where did the time go?! So we’ve decided to celebrate by offering our loyal clients 15% off our entire candle + skincare collections.

RSVP to to receive a coupon deal on our vitamin C treatment + a chance to win a beauty basket filled with some of our most popular products! ($200 value) Why? Because I appreciate your love and support. 🙂

**You’ll need to RSVP and come in to enter the raffle & receive $30 coupon to use on our Rejuvenating Vitamin C Glow facial. ( This treatment is seasonal so there’s only enough product for 7 treatments.)

Enjoy a glass of vino or bubbles while you shop. 🥂 Hope to see you all and thanks for your support!

You’ll also be able to book a Hydrodermabrasion, RF tightening and Oxygen infusion treatment in the next two weeks. Stay tuned…I want these treatment protocols to be perfection! I. Thank you so much for your patience.

Harvest the seeds of beautiful skin with our luxurious autumn treatments…

This fall season we have two new sensational, perfect-for-the season skincare treatments to help exfoliate and hydrate your skin deeply while indulging your senses with intoxicating aromas of pumpkin, cranberry and pomegranate. Pamper, protect, prevent & repair + nourish your skin with of one of these delicious fall facials!

Pomegranate & chocolate soufflé treatment anti-aging

Feed your skin a dose of wine therapy. This exfoliating blend of natural fruit enzymes, cherry puree, pomegranate and red wine extracts saturate the skin with antioxidants to increase skin vitality and rejuvenate your overall complexion.
Treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation using a cranberry scrub, steam, application of pomegranate wine peel, light/minimal extractions, (Optional) LED light therapy, a cocktail of serums including Hyaluronic, EGF and peptides to target your specific skincare needs – serums are delivered to the deeper epidermal layers of the skin using BT-Micro –  our all-natural and delicious chocolate souffle mask will leave your skin feeling smoothed, refreshed and rejuvenated. Treatment ends with a micro facial massage using a rose oil + oxygen serum and blueberry pumpkin age defying cream to give you an exceptionally glow! Enjoy a soothing and relaxing aromatherapy neck & shoulder massage. book here

Detoxifying Cranberry Facial – Dull/dry and slightly congested pores

This therapeutic treatment eliminates dead skin cells, refines pores & balances oil production, revitalizes congested, dull skin by eliminating built-up toxins, overall appearance is a healthier. This balancing and hydrating treatment includes cleansing, cranberry scrub exfoliation, steam, 10% lactic acid + cranberry enzyme peel ( This enzymatic peel is loaded with antioxidants and antibacterial properties.) light/minimal extractions, Bt-Micro + anti-aging, repairing and soothing serums designed to hydrate, nourish skin and speed up the healing process + your skin is treated to a cooling massage using ice globes and a calming/soothing balm. Enjoy an aromatherapy neck and shoulder massage while your mask is on. book here