Rose & Lavender Hydrating Facial

Rose & Lavender hydrating facial
Dry – sensitive and reactive skin

Treat yourself to an hour of peace and relaxation this Holiday season while soothing and calming your sensitive skin. This aromatic, all-natural and organic treatment will leave you feeling more zen and grounded.

Facial includes cleansing, exfoliation using an organic rose and oat scrub, steam, light/minimal extractions, (optional) calming facial massage using a soothing blend of rose lavender and chamomile essential oil. We incorporate jade rollers to increase circulation, relief muscle tightness and aid in product absorption. An all-natural rose and organic local honey mask is used to further hydrate and calm irritated skin. We also treat your sensitive skin to a session of LED light therapy to reduce redness and hydrate the skin. Treatment ends with a neck and shoulder massage using a “Tranquility” essential oil synergy of geranium, roman chamomile, sweet orange and lavender.

60 minutes – Reg price: $170 – Holiday promo: $155