Skincare tips for a smooth, polished and glowing complexion!

Evelyn’s at home skincare tips:

The basics:

1: Cleanse – Wash your skin morning and night with a gentle creamy cleanser ( If your skin is dry, use an enzyme based cleanser) especially at night to remove all traces of make up. Make sure to massage the cleanser into the skin for 1 minute to activate any enzymes in the product – Use a moist cotton pad to lift impurities, oils and makeup. You should always use a cotton pad to wipe cleanser off. Always. 

2: Tone –  A hydrating and calming toner is recommended for all skin types including acne prone. Do not use toners with lots of alcohol or glycolic acid as these will dry out your skin and further irritate it. A toner is supposed to balance your PH not disrupt it. If the toner is too astringent, it will strip the skin of its natural oils and create an imbalance.

3: Serum – Apply a light serum to brighten and hydrate the skin. Choose serums designed to firm, lift and oxygenate the skin. Look for ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Beta Glucan, stable Vitamin C, Vitamin A. and EGF ( Epidermal Growth factor) to name a few. You can layer a high performing and nourishing oil on top for extra nourishment. Some of my favorite oils include: Good quality (Organic preferably) Jojoba, Sweet almond, Squalane, pure Rose, and Rosehip oil. Most of these oils are suitable for all skin types.

4: Moisturizer – If you have dry skin use a more nourishing and rich moisturizer – but if your skin is normal to oily, I highly recommend a light, water based and quick absorbing lotion like our Trilogy Balancing Lotion. Mixing the Balancing lotion with a drop of Rosehip oil can create a beautiful glow on the skin. It is the kind of glow that looks natural and healthy.  Apply your favorite serum + moisturizer to the decolletage area to increase circulation and support elasticity.

5: Don’t forget the delicate eye areaApply an eye cream or gel daily. Don’t use gels that are too tacky as these can be drying to the skin. The best eye gels are those that have a gel/cream consistency. In general, the right eye gel will have a cooling, ant-inflammatory effect, making it perfect for those with irritated, puffy eyes.  Eye Creams are a great alternative for more mature skin in need of ultra collagen + elasticity support – An eye cream is also great if you wear daily under eye concealer.

The extras:

6: Exfoliation – This step should only take place once or twice per week. exfoliation is key to having a healthy complexion – when you exfoliate, your moisturizer absorbs better and your skin will look more luminous.

7: Mask – The right face mask can help hydrate, balance out your skin, remove excess oils and help minimize the appearance of your pores. A mask can also feel like special treat, so go ahead treat yourself. Your skin will thank you!

And if you need a professional treatment, come see your favorite esthetician, me! : )  

Happy spring!

~ Evelyn Gatzonis