NEW! Serums, firming essential oils, active ampules, and LED treatments!

LED Photon Rejuvenation facials coming soon!

Rejuvenate news: If you need a deep pore cleanse facial, this is the time to come in. All facials on the menu with the exceptions of some of the peels, microderm and microcurrent will change very soon.

I will be adding an “Aromatherapy” facial for those who enjoy lots of massage and essential oils. There will also be a “Signature” facial that can be customized to your specific skincare needs – this facial will include minimal extractions. If your skin is very congested and you’re in need of extensive extractions, then the purifying facial is for you! Yes, I will also have a “Purifying” facial on the menu. And, the NEW anti-aging “Holy Trinity.” (One of my favorites) has been on the menu for only three weeks and it’s already a hit! It is the most requested service at the moment. True story. 🙂

Great news – you’ll no longer need to wait every month to see what promotions we’ll be offering – going forward, all the treatment combos that you’ve come to love will be available all the time at the “promotional” price!

Finally, I”m  so excited to announce that the purifying treatment will be rolling out next week. This treatment will include the best products, serums, calming balms, and skincare technologies to destroy acne bacteria, speed up the healing process, shrink pores, minimize redness, and reduce, or eradicate scarring due to breakouts. In addition, LED blue and yellow lights will be incorporated in this treatment! Stay tuned…

Hope to see you soon!
~ Evelyn Gatzonis