Skin Fitness skincare products are in!

I’m SO excited to show you the new Skin Fitness skincare collection. Come on in to check it out, I think you’ll love this collection as much as I do. Skin Fitness products don’t just sit on the skin, they totally transform it.

Skin Fitness products currently in stock:

Deep pore cleanser –  for Normal/Combination & dry skin. This cleanser helps to prep the skin and maximize the absorption of nutrients applied topically like serums and moisturizers. Price: $36

Red Wine Spritzer – spritz away tired fatigued skin and set your makeup with this aromatic wine spritzer loaded with vitamin C and other calming and hydrating ingredients. Price: $44

SunFit Mineral Protection – SPF 30 – this sunblock provides chemical free UVA/UVB protection utilizing the best natural protective blocking ingredients that not only block harmful rays but are also antibacterial and antiviral.  This Mineral sun block is suitable for all skin types including oily and sensitive skin. Price: $28

Pure Oxygen Serum – All skin types including oily. This serum is a breath of fresh air for your skin. Pure ozone is infused into squalane delivering a vital supply of non-chemically derived oxygen to the skin on a cellular level. Energize, purify and radiate a more youthful complexion! This serum is recommended after procedures such as laser, microdermabrasion and professional peels to speed up the healing process. Price: $30

Multi-Vitamin Serum w/Stem Cells – anti-aging. Experience glowing, silky skin with this firming, antioxidant and super charged concentrated stem cells serum. This serum works deep in the skin to maximize skin regeneration, and support elasticity + repair the skin. Price: $32

Vital C Serum 20% concentration w/Ellagi + Resveratrol Concentrate – All skin types. This Vitamin C serum is scientifically developed and tested to provide maximum delivery of vitamin C to stimulate collagen, brighten the skin, reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture and hyper-pigmentation. Price: $36

Hyaluronic Serum Sealer w/copper peptides and DMAE – Aging/mature/sun & environmentally damaged and weak skin. This Hyaluronic acid (50% concentrate) serum is readily absorbed deep into the skin for intense hydrating and plumping effects – it is unlike anything else you’ve ever tried! The argireline in this product helps to relax wrinkles naturally while the copper peptides help to strengthen elasticity. These peptides also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and skin thinness, making it a great serum option for devitalized skin. Price:$60

Cell-Tex Vitamin C Cream –  All skin types. A super moisturizing cream with vitamin C and essential fatty acids. This cream will reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, broken capillaries and discoloration and strengthen skin elasticity. Price: $32

Botanical Collagen Serum – A unique treatment for dry tired skin prone to wrinkles. This serum contains pure botanical collagen, RNA and DNA to help renew the skin. This treatment defies time, restores elasticity and smooths lines while increasing, while increasing moisture retention. Price: $28

Lemon Gel Hydration For combination/oily and acne prone skin. This light  aloe based moisturizer is ideal for the summertime especially for blemished and oily skin types. This unique oil-free formula reduces excess oil while promoting tissue healing, nourishing  and calming the skin. Layer this product with hyaluronic acid for added hydration and skin plumping. Price: $56

Ultra Moisturizing Cream w/Epidermal Growth Factor – Normal/dry and mature skin. An emollient-rich daily moisturizer for normal/dry skin. This moisturizer is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), to nourish and protect skin cells against premature aging, while maintaining moisture and balance within the cells. Price: $40

Hope to see you soon!

~Evelyn Gatzonis

Get summer fit skin

Summer fit skin
Get summer fit skin with some of our fabulous result-oriented treatment options. This month we’re offering you deals on treatments that are design to exfoliate, minimize the appearance of enlarged pores and eliminate excess shine while keeping your skin supple and hydrated. We also have amazing treatment combos for mature, dry, and sensitive skin. 
Nourish, protect and restore your skin with our refreshing and cool Mimosa & 24k. gold facial. The naturally aromatic ingredients in this facial bathe the skin in bioavailable Vitamin C and fruit enzymes simultaneously to chemically and physically exfoliate for a fresher and brighter complexion.   

Did you know Rejuvenate is the only Authorize skincare studio in Queens to offer Skin Fitness facials? Now you know. So many of you have expressed interest in the Skin Fitness hi-performance serums, so guess what? Very soon you’ll be able to purchase these incredibly repairing serums along with other Skin Fitness  products from us! Stay tuned…