Pumpkin Spice fall/winter bodyTreatment

NEW! Pumpkin spice body treatment

Pumpkin and spice makes everything nice… we’re so excited about this incredibly warm, relaxing and moisturizing body treatment! This indulgent body treatment includes an all-natural Pumpkin spice back scrub, a relaxation body massage with our scrumptious vanilla rum body lotion and an enjoyable snooze in our heated thermal blanket.  
 Our all- natural Pumpkin spice back scrub is made on site at our spa using only raw organic ingredients, no added preservatives! It will leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. A treat so sweet you will want to eat and we won’t stop you, it is edible! 

Take a one hour vacation…



Do you need an hour vacation? Book yourself a facial! Facials not only help deeply exfoliate and hydrate the skin, they can also de-congest clogged pores and offer an opportunity to let go of stress and reduce anxiety. Now that’s an hour well spent, don’t you think?