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NEW! Pumpkin spiced body treatment

60 minutes – $95
Pumpkin and spice makes everything nice… we’re so excited about this incredibly warm, relaxing and moisturizing body treatment! This indulgent body treatment includes an all-natural Pumpkin spiced back scrub, a relaxation body massage with our scrumptious harvest lotion and an enjoyable snooze in our heated thermal blanket.  
Our all- natural Pumpkin spiced back scrub is made on site at our spa using only raw organic ingredients, no added preservatives! It will leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. A treat so sweet you will want to eat and we won’t stop you, it is edible! 

Gx-99 Cellulite Endermatherapy Treatment

GX-99 treatment alone 40 minutes   $85
With Thermal Blanket   $95

***Price and time of treatment can vary based on stage of cellulite.

The Gx 99 can contour and greatly diminish the “cottage cheese” look on your thighs and buttocks.


What causes cellulite?
~ Poor blood circulation due to stress, lack of exercise and other factors.
~ Poor lymphatic flow
~ Changes in estrogen or progesterone levels that dictate how much fat the body stores and releases.
~ A diet containing an overabundance of toxins such as alcohol, caffeine, and sugars.

How does Gx 99 help diminish the appearance of cellulite?
The Gx-99™ cellulite treatment works by increasing local blood circulation and improving lymph flow assisting the body to rid of unwanted toxins that get trapped in the fat tissue.

Detox Body Wrap

45 Minutes   $85

The herbal sea gel is a detoxifying, nutrient and emollient-rich gel, which is massaged all over the body before you are wrapped in a cozy thermal blanket. This treatment is perfect for increasing blood circulation, and for improving the immune and lymphatic system. Unlike other wraps, the herbal sea gel can comfortably remain on your skin all day long for maximum absorption and detoxification.