Rejuvenate is taking a break

Happy 2018 everyone! 

Rejuvenate closed its doors at the 23rd. Avenue location in Astoria on Friday, December 29th. We wanted to let you know that we’re taking a break for the entire month of January, but no worries, we will let you know when we find a new location. 

What’s Evelyn been up to? Well, Evelyn has been enjoying her free time cooking, relaxing, reflecting and rejuvenating. Stay tuned for some of her skincare and wellness tips coming soon. Also, keep your eyes peeled for our newsletter scheduled to land in your inbox next week! If you have not yet subscribed to our newsletter group, just send us an email via our contact link so we can add you to this list. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for the latest Rejuvenate news, skincare tips and more…

Happy new year!

~Evelyn Gatzonis

Holiday Spa Hours

Tuesday, 12/19.  12 – 7p.m.  
Wednesday, 12/20.  11 – 7p.m.  
Thursday, 12/21.  4 – 8p.m.  
Friday, 12/22.  11 – 7p.m.  
Saturday, 12/23.  11 – 6p.m.  
Sunday 12/24 – Christmas Eve: CLOSED  
Monday, 12/25 Christmas Day: CLOSED  
Tuesday, 12/26 – 12 – 7p.m.  
Wednesday, 12/27 – 11 – 8p.m.  
Thursday, 12/28. 4 – 8p.m.  
Friday, 12/29. AKA last day! 🙁 12 – 7p.m.