About Rejuvenate

Opening Rejuvenate Spa in 2004, New York State licensed aesthetician and skin-care specialist, Evelyn Gatzonis, began her business with the goal of providing clients a new, more holistic approach to skin care. Possessing over thirteen year’s experience, Evelyn wished to share her wisdom and training with individuals who struggle with skin-related issues and other beauty concerns. Rejuvenate was, therefore, designed with the objective of providing a safe, comfortable environment where customers can obtain result-oriented treatments, receive private consultation, and shop for effective, all natural products.

Rejuvenate’s philosophy is straightforward: in order for treatment to be effective, one must remedy both the internal and external causes of problem skin. Skin is not only the foundation of beauty; it is also a barometer of one’s overall health and internal balance. Acne, blotchiness and other such common skin conditions are often signals that something in the body is out of alignment. While offering individualized treatments that help relieve common skin imperfections, Evelyn evaluates a clients’ overall well being, offering solutions to achieve the inner balance necessary to receive long-term results.

And, when working with clients, Evelyn follows one simple guideline: always provide individuals with understanding and wisdom. This concept guides her business as she ensures that her team consists solely of well-trained experts who continuously keep abreast of the most up-to-date information on skin care and innovative beauty treatments.

Though offering several services designed for relaxation and pampering, Rejuvenate Spa specializes in comprehensive, holistic skin care. Rejuvenate Spa is designed to be a place where individuals can receive the proper information, products and services that will result in better overall skin and help produce a new, more rejuvenated, you!

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