Tuesday Treatment Deals

Cranberry peel  – 30 minutes – Sensitive and congested skin types

We’re treating you to some sweet deals every Tuesday in June!

Experiencing dry/sensitive and congested skin? We can help!

Our cranberry enzyme peel gently treats congested pores, dry, sensitive skin and mild acne without any irritation.  Enjoy a clearer complexion without any irritation!
Save $10 every Tuesday in June!

Vitamin C Peel – 30 minutes – All skin types 

Don’t have time for our one hour long treatments? Book this 30 minute treatment that will have your skin glowing for days!

Treat yourself to the therapeutic benefits of our refreshing and brightening Vitamin C. enzyme treatment. Enjoy smoother, brighter and cleaner skin! 

Save $10 every Tuesday in June!

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Get summer fit skin

Summer fit skin
Get summer fit skin with some of our fabulous result-oriented treatment options. This month we’re offering you deals on treatments that are design to exfoliate, minimize the appearance of enlarged pores and eliminate excess shine while keeping your skin supple and hydrated. We also have amazing treatment combos for mature, dry, and sensitive skin. 
Nourish, protect and restore your skin with our refreshing and cool Mimosa & 24k. gold facial. The naturally aromatic ingredients in this facial bathe the skin in bioavailable Vitamin C and fruit enzymes simultaneously to chemically and physically exfoliate for a fresher and brighter complexion.   

Did you know Rejuvenate is the only Authorize skincare studio in Queens to offer Skin Fitness facials? Now you know. So many of you have expressed interest in the Skin Fitness hi-performance serums, so guess what? Very soon you’ll be able to purchase these incredibly repairing serums along with other Skin Fitness  products from us! Stay tuned…